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French Bulldog Life Jackets – The Best Amazon Pics

There’re thousands of French bulldog life jackets, however, not every jacket will fit every Frenchie in the same way.

Despite the fact that Frenchies get along well with people and other dogs, they not ‘get along so well’ with water. Therefore, if you’re planning to swim with your Frenchie, it’s highly advisable to buy him a life jacket. They are not capable to swim at all because of their short and heavy body built.

So, if you were thinking to cool off your Frenchie on a hot summer day, you’d better not to try it. It will sink like a rock. Their short legs and lack snout are just not made for the water. Even if you buy your batpig a life jacket, you need to always swim beside him. There’s a possibility for tipping over even with a life jacket on.

In case you’ve already planned where you’ll spend a summer vacation and you want to keep your little gremlin by your side, here are some of the best French bulldog life jackets.

French bulldog life jackets choosing tips

First of all, it’s extremely important to choose the right size. The size you take for your Frenchie’s clothes should be the same for his life jacket. In case you pick a bigger size of a life jacket, it’s possible that your Frenchie will turn over.The following Paws Abroad Dog life jacket has one of the best reviews on Amazon. According to customers opinions, this jacket is made of highly durable material, it has a soft mesh on the belly and is easily adjustable. Therefore, it can be used both for small and big dog breeds. A soft mesh is highly advisable for dog life jackets since a traditional life jacket material cause heat exhaustion.

Our second choice is Outward Hound Dawson life jacket that has side foam panels for providing supportive buoyancy. It has great warming insulation, so that’s why is more suitable for cold swimmings. According to customers, the jacket is especially great for French bulldogs and Boston Terriers since they will be able to jump and walk freely. Unlike other dog life jackets, this one covers only dog’s back but still keep him floating correctly. Overall, it is a high-quality jacket with double stitching to keep it all together. The floats are not too bulky, but large enough to provide buoyancy. The reflective piping and insulation will certainly keep your Frenchie warm and visible when he is in the water.

Outward Hound Granby Dog Life Jacket

It is definitely one of the best selling on Amazon. It has a construction with dual grab handles for easy rescue & restraint. In case you like swimming at night, its reflective piping and bright orange coloring will always show where your Frenchie is. One of its best features are adjustable straps and neoprene belly band for comfortable and secure fit.

RUFFWEAR – Float Coat

It has abrasion resistant webbing, it’s extremely durable and fits different dog sizes. The foam panels cover a dog’s belly too, so this one is a bit different than the previous choices.  The easy-to-clip, sheltered side buckles hold the straps firmly in place so you will spend less time gearing up and adjusting.

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